Construction Update (final week of April)

For a good part of April, the field was too mushy to get the concrete trucks across.
On the location of the retaining wall:
The field is designed to be 215’ wide, so from where the wall is sitting to a curb that will get installed on the visitor’s side we will have 215’ of turf width. The 215’ of turf allows us to have a 65-yard-wide soccer field with 10’ of space on either side of the field
In Phase 2 of the project, when we tackle the home side site work and home bleachers, the new home bleachers will be pushed forward to the edge of the retaining wall. This allows us to use some of the slope in front of the current railing for the new bleachers. We will need this space as the new home side bleachers are larger than our current bleachers.
The excavator has been on site since Monday 4/23 and has made significant progress. If you have not been past the site since last week you will be impressed at the progress.
The retaining wall on the home side was completed Monday, May 1st.
Concrete work is now focused on the south end zone where there will be an approximate 60’ wall attaching to the home side retaining wall. In addition, the work on the curb/sidewalk in the south end zone is underway.
The trench has also been dug for the curb that gets installed on the visitor’s side – this curb is used to attach the turf on that side of the field
We anticipate approximately 3 weeks of excavation work – weather permitting
The construction team remains confident that Phase 1 of this project will be completed by July 27.