Stadium Build Project – Phase 1

In January 2018, Bruns General Contracting was selected as the General Contractor to lead the stadium project. Criteria for selection were as follows:

  • Competitive Bid
  • Bring additional design elements to reduce costs while maintaining or improving the quality of the current design of the new stadium
  • Show a willingness to partner with Tipp Pride, the School, and the City
  • Show a willingness to evaluate & utilize local contractors, willing to provide in-kind services and materials

Phase 1

The first phase of our project will focus on the installation of a new field, and some future infrastructure.

  • Construction permits
  • Setup construction fencing
  • Earthwork bringing the field to the proper subgrade elevation
  • Storm piping modifications
  • Home side shorter retaining wall including footings (in front of current black railing)
  • Field perimeter curbing including curbing and sidewalk system in the north and south ends of the field
  • New field level fencing installed the full length of both end zones
  • Installation of the turf system:
    • Washed limestone
    • Field drainage system
    • Geo-fabric over the entire subgrade
    • Concussion padding
    • Turf field
    • Goal posts, soccer goals and all yardage markers and corner posts

Total Cost: $1,145,063