One of the best things about our children is watching them grow up through adulthood. While their voices may change, their smile never does.

Throwback Thursdays (or #tbt for those on the Twitter) represents a fun look back at photos taken in the past, all the way to long, long ago. Sort of like getting dragged into the living room by your Grandma and forced to look at the photo album from time to time (or did that just happen to me??).

Raising funds is never fun, but raising funds with your friends and family to achieve a common (and awesome) goal can be less like work.

Thanks to some local historians, shutterbugs and amazing Tipp Citians, we will be sharing a collection of old (and not so old) photos from the past that you should enjoy. When we have names, we will share them, if we don’t have names, please feel free to comment them in below our posts.