What is the Tipp Pride Association?

Residents of the Tipp City community have embarked on a fundraising project to build a stadium for our school sports and community events. Our current stadium was built in 1941 and at that time we had 2,878 residents… the 2015 Census shows 9,899 residents and a strong growth for our community in the future!

It’s time to turn our attention to funding a new stadium for the community, by the community!

TPA plans to support the entire process of fundraising, evaluating and planning in collaboration with school, city, and county officials. With a successful multi-phase, multi-year campaign, the Tipp City Red Devils and the City of Tipp City will be the proud owners of a new community stadium!


Would you like to learn how you can join the cause in raising funds, spreading the word, or sharing your talents?


Donate to our new stadium. You can make a one time payment, or establish a monthly donation and spread the payments over 12 months.


Curious how long it takes to build a stadium from scratch using private donations and funding sources?